Our Shareholder

GGU is 100% subsidiary of Georgia Capital

Georgia Capital PLC (LSE premium listed company (CGEO LN)) is a platform for buying, building and developing businesses in Georgia and monetising investments, as they mature. Georgia Capital’s primary business is to develop or buy businesses, help them develop their management and institutionalise their businesses that can further develop mainly on their own, either with continued oversight or independently. Georgia Capital’s focus is typically on larger scale investment opportunities in Georgia, which have the potential to reach at least GEL 0.5 billion equity value over 3-5 years from the initial investment and to monetise them through exits, as investments mature. Georgia Capital manages its portfolio companies individually and does not focus on achieving intergroup synergies. Georgia Capital does not have capital commitments or a primary mandate to deploy funds or divest assets within a specific time frame. As such, it focuses on shareholder returns and on opportunities which meet its investment return and growth criteria.