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GGU’s water utility business represents regulated natural monopoly in Tbilisi (the capital of Georgia) and its surrounding areas, including cities of Rustavi, Mtskheta and Gardabani. GGU supplies potable water and provides wastewater collection and processing services to approximately 650,000 residential customers (which translates into approximately 1.3 million people) and 42,000 commercial customers. 

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Key highlights:

  • Regulated natural monopoly in Tbilisi and its surrounding areas with high entry barriers.

  • Full asset ownership of water and wastewater network and self-sufficient in terms of electricity usage.

  • Stable cash collection rates for both residential and commercial customers.

Operating environment:

  • Water utility business is regulated by an independent regulatory body in Georgia - Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission.

  • Stable and transparent regulatory environment with fair return on investment (current regulatory WACC at 15.45%).

  • EU harmonization reforms in progress in utility sector, ensuring further improvements in water supply and sanitation services.

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